The grasses Dactylis glomerata and Bromus Willdenowii were personally selected by the dogs themselves

researched and added to their daily meals



Spring  Mix

“up to 12wks+ beginners”

Chicken - Heart - Kidney mince

Grasses - Spinach - Parsley - Carrot - Pumpkin - Apple - Oats - Tripe














Summer Mix

‘12wks to 5yrs”

Chicken - Heart - Kidney mince

Grasses - Spinach - Parsley - Kale - Celery - Silver beet - Beetroot - Salad Greens

Kelp - Crushed Linseeds - Turmeric - Symphytum officinale - Olea europaea leaf

Apples - Apple Cider Vinegar - Oats - Tripe














Autumn Mix

“5 to 10yrs”

Chicken - Heart - Kidney mince

Grasses - Spinach - Parsley - Kale - Beetroot - Salad Greens - Carrots - Pumpkin

Kelp - Turmeric - Crushed Linseeds - Symphytum officinale - Olea europaea leaf

Prunes - Apples - Apple Cider Vinegar - Oats - Tripe















Winter Mix

“10 yrs on”

Chicken-Heart-Kidney mince

Grasses - Spinach - Parsley - Kale - Beetroot - Carrots - Pumpkin

Turmeric - Kelp - Crushed Linseeds - Symphytum officinale - Olea europaea

Prunes - Apples - Apple cider Vinegar - Oats - Tripe













These mixes are then stuffed inside a whole chicken frame at

the rate of 1 cup per -frame and fed as the main night time meal

Simulating the whole small prey they would be eating If living in the wild.



DarkAges Mixes and more can be supplied to you by Kim of K9 Chaperone NZ



To the daily meals we add -

A few Cranberries or Blue berries

1 egg per day.

Glucosamine/Condroitin(1 pinch)per day

Lifestream Organic Natural Calcium powder (1pinch)per day


Add daily 1 of these Omega options :

Oils of - Cod liver or Flax Seed or Hemp (as directed on the bottle)- 1 Herring or (1/2 cup)Orijen Six fish biscuits


Plus bones lots of bones.


This is a complete maintenance diet but it is highly recommended that these supplements are given to Large breed dogs -Growing dogs - Working dogs - and Senior dogs.



1 day menu options for an 8 to 12wk old pup


Breakfast : 1 cup of Spring mix + 4chicken necks

Lunch : 1 egg  + 1/2 cup Orijen Six Fish+1/2 cup Harraways Wholegrain Oats(uncooked)

Dinner : 1 Spring mix stuffed frame


Breakfast : 1 cup Orijen Six fish +1 egg + 1/2 Cup Harraways Wholegrain Oats(uncooked)

Lunch:  Veal bones

Dinner : 1 Spring mix stuffed frame


Breakfast: 1 smashed frame

Lunch : Veal bones

Dinner Spring mix stuffed frame


Breakfast: 6 chicken necks + 1 egg +1 bone

Lunch: 1 Herring

Dinner: Soup


Remember your daily additives .

Alternate these foods.


If pup too thin feed more - pup too fat feed less. (cut out lunch)

In the heat of summer when they may go off their food a good way to entice them to eat is to make soup bye adding cold water to their meat mix for them to drink, this also helps to keep them hydrated

Also add ice cubes to their water containers.

In the cold of the winter when you want to warm you dog - add warm water to their meat mix so they can drink warm soup.

Do not leave food down constantly for your pup, offer the food for 10 minutes, if the pup does not eat it all then take it away and offer it again at the next meal.

Raw food will go off fast in the heat of summer and attract flies.

Pup may decide (like children do) they do not want to eat the veges, you can mix an egg and 6 fish biscuits into the spring mix to make it more interesting for them, you can give the veges mix first then give the necks or smashed frames or veal bones after they have eaten their fruit veges mix.




Raw food options are:

Chicken - minced frames  / whole frames / necks / heart / liver / kidney

Veal - meat / bones / heart / liver / kidney

Goat-Lamb  - meat / lean off cuts / bones / heart / liver / kidney

Beef - bones / heart / liver / kidney

NZ dried liver treats are the best...

Venison - Pork – in small amounts occasionally.

Duck - Fish - Rabbit - Possum (claws removed) - whole


Eggs / Kelp / Tripe / Turmeric / Crushed Linseed

Blueberries / Cranberries / Prunes / Fruits / Seeds. Any and all varieties.

Mixed lettuce / Silver beet / Spinach / Parsley / Carrot / Beetroot / Celery / Rocket / Salad Greens / Butter Cup Pumpkin

Any and all seasonal -fresh vegetables / lots of leafy green vegetables.

(The Brassica family of vegetables plus garlic cause flatulence)

Tripe is a natural probiotic.

Green lipped mussel extract is good but expensive.


Ratio - imagine eating a whole bird in the wild - 1 heart / 1liver / 2kidneys / small stomach full of fruit,veg,seeds.

A little flesh / a lot of bone, hence the creation of the stuffed frame.


Alternate these foods

(Livers & kidneys are the bodies filters so only small amounts of these.)

(The heart is a muscle so heart is good is also high in iron)

The fat around the organs of the single stomach animals that have been pasture fed contain Vitamins K, D, A + the Omega group.

These vitamins especially taken together ,are needed for healthy bone, brain and teeth formation.

VitK2- spinach / parsley / beet greens / turnip greens / salad greens / cucumber / asparagus / olive oil / prunes

Vit D2-  oily fish / cod liver oil / mushrooms / tofu / hen,duck,goose eggs / raw milk / almond milk / pork

Vit A  carrots / pumpkin / dark leafy greens / tuna / zucchini / watercress / raw milk / eggs.

Vitamin A is needed  to excrete excess calcium out through the urine instead of excess calcium from calcifying around the joints and arteries.

K.D.A vitamins are fat soluble vitamins and need to be eaten with fat to be absorbed.


Calcium - is found in Meats / Bones / Fish / Egg / Apple / Carrots / Sesame / Kelp / Parsley

Vets worry there is not enough calcium in raw food so I have found a safe and natural calcium powder to add:

Lifestream Organic Natural Calcium powder with 9 other trace elements and minerals from a pure marine source. (found at your Chemist or health store)


Oats are highly nutritious containing - Manganese96% Molybdenum64% Phosphorus29% Copper27% Biotin26% VitaminB125% Magnesium17% Dietary Fiber17% Chromium15% Zinc14% Protein13% selenium.

Oats are rich in a specific type of fiber called beta-glucan. This particular type of fiber is known to lower levels of bad cholesterol.

1cup(81g) of dry oats contains 8.2 grams per fiber1 - recommended daily intake of fiber is 25g for woman and 38g for men.


This BARF diet is a nutrient rich diet full of all the necessary vitamins / minerals / fats and fibers essential to yours and your dogs diet!

The BARF diet is less expensive, by far better & more interesting for both you & your dog – its fun & yum.

If pup or dog becomes to fat then feed them less.


Avoid - All processed foods/Dairy!



On average an 8 week old German Shepherd pup will be eating  1/2kg in the morning, a light lunch, 1 kg in the evening plus a bone for their 1st year.  Then 1 kg per day plus bones is recommended to feed a large dog that has finished growing.

Too fat, feed less - Too thin, feed more.

Alternate your foods.

There are some biscuits on the market that have been steam cooked so they have not been over heated and turned into toxins. These are: Orijen and Acana biscuits, these biscuits are safe to feed your dogs.


This in essence is the way the weaned wolf pup eats and grows, its diet is based on raw meaty bones.


It is a totally raw diet.

A diet rich in plant material, but totally devoid of cooked grain.

No processed food.

No masses of steaming white rice.

Meat - Fruit - Vege –  always raw.

Not a lot of fat. Almost no saturated fat. No cooked fat, but plenty of essential fatty acids

A diet rich in vitamins + antioxidants

Pups do not need their meals to be complete and balanced everyday

A pup’s food should not be cooked

Frozen food (thawed) is fine

Pups require their whole feeding routine to be complete and balanced

Pups need to be fed a diet based on raw meaty bones

A major part of a pup’s diet should be raw crushed vegetable material

Offal is a normal part of a dog’s diet

Healthy soil or clay is part of a dog’s diet

Dogs should grow up lean

An occasional short fast will not be harmful and may be of benefit

Pups should be exposed in a controlled manner to bacteria

Pups should never be grown at their maximum growth rate

Pups should be kept lean-not fat and roly poly

If you can use the above as a check list and say yes - that is how my pup is raised - there is less chance your dogs will develop skeletal problems.

This way their diet is completely balanced – eventually – over many meals.



Omega options mentioned above contain many nutrients + high levels of the Omega’s which are essential for supplying dogs with their fatty acids.

Chicken fat & skin contain high levels of fatty acids;  bones have many vitamins + minerals & are an excellent source of natural calcium.

Lots of meaty bones through the day are a must for natural calcium + vitamin + mineral intake & for cleaning the teeth at the end of their day.


Do not feed cannon bones - they wear down the front teeth, feel free to extract the marrow from the bone for your dog but dispose of the bone itself!


Never give dogs synthetic commercial calcium supplements or synthetic supplements of any kind! They must be natural .

Lifestream or Garden of Life - supplements are safe.


Never  feed dogs or puppies processed commercial dog foods.(especially biscuits, the fatty acids in processed commercial dog foods have been overheated by cooking, they then become damaged & toxic.) These foods are incomplete & have added artificial calcium + salt / sugar & wheat fillers as their main ingredient.

There is documented proof that the  processed commercial dog foods we have been feeding our dogs for generations has caused our dogs ill health of all kinds  -  skeletal deformities - degenerative diseases - hip & elbow dysplasia’s, skin irritations  etc etc. Research it for yourself, you will be astounded!

Sustainable healthcare for our pets -- it's not In the bag .credit Dr. Liza Schneide

Dr Ian Billinghurst says that it is going to take us 3 generations of feeding raw / natural  to repair the generations of damage that we have done to our dogs with feeding them processed foods and treating everything with drugs  for them to become relatively clean and free of health issues again.

Now that you have been introduced to the BARF diet, check it out on Google for more information on all your dogs needs.

Read the book (Grow your pups with bones) written by Dr Ian Billinghurst.



















This Bones And Raw Food diet grows strong sound dogs slowly;  a variety of fresh natural nutritional food is essential for all dogs but especially essential for large fast growing breeds.

The working dog used to work up to the age of 17yrs old - since we started feeding them  processed commercial pet food, the working dog now retires at the age of 9.

From 12wks to 5month of age a union of (soft bone plates) to hard bone occurs in the joints (the  Anconeal Process) extra care in nutrition + weight management is essential especially through this time


Keep your pup lean so as not to put too much weight on their young joints & soft bones as they grow.


Do not rush to the vet for every little thing, let their nutrition and their own immune system heal them slowly and surely.


Proven benefits found by my dogs and myself from feeding raw and natural are :


Stronger bones

Healthy skin

Brighter sharper eyes

Clean ears

Soft shiny coats

Even temperaments

Managed arthritis

Healthy biodegradable stool

No urine burn

Good appetites

Less obesity


Working immune systems

Meaty muscled pups

Strong head ear and jaw muscles

Clean strong white teeth

Less fleas

Less vetting

No doggy smell

Less seasonal bleeding

Rich creamy milk supply

Better x-ray results


Many had asked me to make my mix recipes for them.

I could not stretch myself so far as this would mean less time for my dogs and your pups.

It was a great relief when Kim asked me if she could be the maker of the DarkAges mixes recipes to supply the nation and save all the dogs.

So - here we are today - hand in hand with Kim of K9 Chaperone.

Together we will save all the dogs, big and small

Owners willing.


The diseases we are treating - Is the food that we are feeding


Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.


It is my sole purpose in life to breed large - healthy - solid black - long coat

German Shepherd dogs to look like black wolves:


My Wolfies


Donna of DarkAges.











Pups must be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks old, then every 6months for life.

Regular flea treatment is necessary. Raw Pawz has a good flea repellent oil.  When using flea repellent instead of chemicals on your dogs you must  either spray all / carpets with carpet & bedding spray (supermarkets) to kill & control the flea cycle or wash your dogs bedding regularly as a prevention method for the flea life cycle.


Check ears regularly, especially in the warm rainy season, keep them clean or bacterial / fungal (Otitis) ear infections can occur inside the ears. If the ear is red & itchy inside the ear or if black wax appears then Otitis is apparent, treat immediately with solution from your vet , cleaning daily is essential at this stage. (use non toxic wet wipes or ear wipes)Some dogs are susceptible to this Otitis, some are not. (It can depend on what you are feeding them / your weather conditions / air flow to the ear canal/cleanliness.)


Ears will take time to stand up, they will move -sideways - forwards-up-down- everyday until they set in their upwards position, lots of bones to chew on will strengthen the ear, jaw and head muscles to help them stand up.


Keep their coats clean & brushed so there is air circulation to the skin or bacterial / fungal infections (Hot spots) can occur on the skin. A hot spot is a wet smelly sticky patch of skin on a dog, (flea bites can start a hot spot)

A sheer magic slicker brush is recommended for the end tangles of the long coat & then use a long tooth comb to get right down to the skin.

These long coats are high maintenance.

A pet blower is good for a regular dry clean to remove dust, dead skin and loose hair or a quick dry after bathing or swimming.

Dogs that swim in polluted estuaries and stale trough water can break out with bacterial skin infections from the toxins and bad bacteria living in the water.


Note: These dogs get hot with their black long coats they need extra water in the summer months, extra brushing + lots of shade + airflow at all times.


Prevent re occurring skin conditions with and Vitamin C (Nutralife ester C 1000mg per day)

 And Vetadine iodine wash (Vet) .

The BARF diet can prevent almost all skin conditions over time.

Red meat / nuts / grain / dairy can cause itchy skin conditions.

If conditions persist : cut out red meat / nuts / grains / dairy & feed white meat / veg mix only.

Bath with Malaseb medicated shampoo (Vet), also a course of Ester C 1000mg morning and night.

Ethical Agents Wound Powder (Farmlands) applied directly to the itchy spot will relieve the itchy condition.

These are all natural prevention and remedy options.


Probiotics (lactose free) can remedy flatulence and are also a must after worm pills, flea pills ,antibiotics, steroids or any oral medication.

Choose dog appropriate probiotics for your dogs, best sourced from your holistic vet as dogs have different bacteria living in their gut to humans.

Tripe is a natural probiotic.



Vitamin C / Prebiotics / Probiotics have become your antibiotic.

Turmeric / Ginger have become your anti-inflammatory.

Vitamin B has become your cell rejuvenation aid .

Apple cider vinegar is your tonic of well being.

Nutritious raw food has become their life line.


Pure apple cider vinegar is a good tonic for dogs and us - use 5mls per liter of water , it is a good remedy for easing the pain of arthritis. Apple cider vinegar added to their foot bath for after their walk will clean and prevent fungal infections in their toes - it is drinkable at the same time.

Also good for urine scald (especially on the girls) .

Marinate your chicken frames in this apple cider vinegar mixture to alkaline the meat and their systems, they love it.

Marinade (1tsp apple cider vinegar-1tsp Turmeric-1/2tsp ginger- per 1 liter water)




Poo Pology :

Is the best way to see the inner well being of your dog,

What goes in, is what comes out

 We don't want the poo too hard and dry (brisket bones can constipate older dogs) give extra oil or squashed prunes or extra fruits / veges to soften.

We don't want the poo too runny, firm up with wholegrain dry oats / bones / plain frames / less fruit / veg.

 Poo should be shiny - soft -  dark in colour.





Age in weeks = minutes they can walk


Keep all exercise to light play only until their bones have hardened. (For Large breeds,  bones will be completely hardened by 18months of age.) No long exhausting walks, no repeated ball or stick throwing or hard outstretched exercise until their bones have hardened. Do not allow pups to jump down from couches & beds etc or run up / down stairs  as their bones are still soft, these actions can hinder the Anconeal Process & or damage their joints, causing arthritis in later years / sore hips & elbows .

 Lots of big meaty bones are good exercise. Swimming is excellent exercise.

Home made toys are the best, tie a piece of rope to your clothes line then tie a bell or jingly toy to the rope, then tie a rope toy + a soft toy + some bright coloured fabrics to the rope, pup will play repeatedly with this toy and it will stop them from swinging from your washing.

Take a strong piece of elastic and tie it to the eve of your house or from the ceiling inside then tie a soft toy onto it, pup will play endlessly with these, some pups learn to aim and fire this toy.

Paddling pools are lots of fun for them., put apple cider vinegar in the water as an anti-fungal anti-bacterial for their skin and a tonic for their tummy.

Do not play chase games with your pup or pups prey drive will increase, then pup will chase cats,bikes,children,cars etc…

Pup will have been vet checked + have 1st vaccination at 8wks but  Pups are not completely safe from  ( Virus )  until they have had their final 12wk vaccine so be careful where you take them, ask your vet which areas are safe in your town.

Do not hard exercise dogs immediately before or after meals, as this can lead to twisted a gut.





Never smack a baby. Your young pup will need to wee within 2 seconds / 2minutes, every time hey wake from a sleep, then pup will wee about once an hour during awake time.

Your young pup will need to poo within 2/3 minutes after every meal. You can usually smell this coming before it happens. Leave newspapers at your exit door just in case you are not fast enough to let pup outside.

To teach your pup to toilet in 1 place ... pick up the poo and in a growling voice say - no poo's here... take the poo and put it where you want it and in a positive voice say - good dog, put your poos here, good dog.

Please refrain from rubbing your pups nose in it’s business as dogs are generally clean animals,  it is up to you to monitor your pups toilet training..





Best friend, companion, obedience, tracking, search & rescue, detection, protection, disability assistance etc etc. (Their capabilities are endless)They can be what ever you want them to be.

Long life will depend greatly on their diet and care.

Every pup is placed into their new home, where the temperament of the dog meets the needs of their new owners.





Never smack a baby. Pups usually offend with their teeth & mouth. If the pup bites you, take the pups muzzle between your thumb & your index finger, apply pressure onto the gums through their lips at either side, in a growling voice say, no biting me, bad dog. (This is how their mothers teach them).

You then teach them by putting a toy or bone in their mouth - say, you bite the toys/bone, good dog.

When pup gets older it will recognize the word no. If need be, give pup a poke in the ribs with your finger, say the word no - then the reason why in a growling voice, pup will behave.   (This is how their mothers teach them but it is with her nose, that she pokes them with) Eventually you will only need to point your finger at pup - pup will behave.

When pup is a big dog & needs discipline, roll the dog over onto its back, into submission position & hold it there, growl the word no & the reason why.( Yes, sometimes Mum has to discipline her grown up pups too.

Consistency prevails.

Do go to puppy training classes or dog correction classes if you wish or need to.





The praise & reward method for training works the best.

Dogs learn to understand us with word association, speak the words for everything you do; talk to them all the time, the dog will learn English & eventually understand sentences.

Remember, this breed feels all the emotions that we humans feel, they would naturally live in a pack (family) environment, just like us - so they have the same protective family values as we do.

Your dog is a very important member of your family; they deserve to be treated with compassion, respect & dignity.

Nurture & Nutrition  is a happy healthy dog.




Thank You


Donna of DarkAges






CARE : DarkAges Dogs Diet & Care
CARE : DarkAges Dogs Diet & Care